Courtyard by Marriott - North Shore
Whether you are spending the day soaking up the Hawaiian History at the Polynesian Cultural Center or exploring the famed Big Wave Surfing beaches of the North Shore, the Courtyard Marriott North Shore Oahu is the perfect place to begin and end your day!


the Fitness Center provides the latest equipment, including bicycles, treadmills, strength training equipment and free weights. Both towels and water are available in the center.







laie beach park

Laie beach is just a short walk from the hotel.  For the adventurous, there is surfing, boogie boarding, standup paddleboarding and snorkeling.  For the not so adventurous, this is a great beach for swimming and just relaxing or taking a sunset walk.  When the surf is calm, it is a great beach to take a family with young children and the snorkeling can be fantastic.


kokoliolio beach park

 Kokololio Beach is a long white sand filled beach along the shore of Laje Maloo Bay, not to be confused with it’s almost identical twin, Pounders. Here you will find a vacationer’s paradise in the way of a private, out of the way beach.  During the summer months the water is calm and great for swimming and snorkeling.  It is also a great beach to just relax on or to take a romantic sunset stroll on.  During the winter months the waves can get quite large and is a good spot for surfing and boogie boarding.  Facilities/Features include:

• Bathrooms• Camping

• Grassy Area• Picnic Tables

•  Showers• 

• Parking: Good / Plenty

• Good For: Snorkeling• Good For: Swimming


 laniakea beach

Just a short 30 minute drive away is the beautiful Laniakea Beach or "Turtle Beach" as it is known. Laniakea Beach on Oahu’s North Shore is a haven for green sea turtles.  It is not uncommon to find green sea turtles swimming in and around reefs in many places around Oahu, but at Turtle Beach, the animals come out of the water and make the sand their own. Increase your odds of seeing these lovely creatures by visiting at the best time of year. It is best to view the turtle during the summer months when the water is calm.  In the wintertime the surf can get very big and is a surfers destination.  During the winter time the turtles seldom venture out of the water..  This can be a great beach for swimming and snorkeling when the water is calm.  It is well worth the drive!


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banzai pipeline

Ehukai Beach is the site of one of the world’s most famous surfing waves, the Banzai Pipeline. The beach is wide and sandy, particularly during the summer months when lots of sand is deposited onshore. Summer is also when the water is generally calmer so it may be safe to swim. Ehukai Beach Park has about one acre of grass as well as a parking lot. Ehukai means “Sea spray.”  Besides surfing, popular activities here include Sunbathing, watching surfers when big waves are breaking and swimming when the waves are not too large.  Beach facilities include restrooms, picnic areas, showers and phones